Air Pollution in Bali

Air Pollution in Bali - MAU Mask

Breathless in Bali?

Almost a quarter of a million people in Indonesia die every year because of exposure to toxic air, water or soil or other forms of pollution, making it the country with the fourth-highest number of premature pollution-related deaths in the world.

The Pollution and Health Metrics report by the Global Alliance on Health and Pollution, revealed that of the 232,974 recorded pollution-related deaths in Indonesia:

  • 123,753 were attributed to air pollution

  • 60,040 to water pollution

  • 16,331 deaths were caused by occupational pollution, which encompassed occupational carcinogens, second-hand smoke, particulates, gases and fumes

  • 32,850 were the result of lead pollution from exposure to emissions from leaded gasoline. [Source: Jakarta Post] .

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